Sunday, October 28, 2012

Artists Wanted

Big news! I am planning on brightening up my blog with some artwork. Well . . . maybe "brighten" is the wrong word, because the subject matter is not going to be puppies and kittens, but I think you get the picture.

I already have one artist that is interested and I may be posting some of his work on Wednesday, to coincide with the posting of the conclusion of True-Self

But, since the gig pays shit (nothing), I am looking for multiple sources so I don't interrupt anyone's real life. 

I know. I know. At this point you are saying, "Leigh, why would I want to spend my precious time producing something for you? What am I going to get out if?"

That is an excellent question and I have five excellent answers for you.

    1. You will get your own profile on my blog and full recognition for your work.

    2. If you already have your own blog I will post a link to it and regularly promote it through my updates here and on Facebook.

    3. Promotion of my work will also help promote your work. Yes, I have a promotion budget. Yes, it is tiny. But every little bit helps and in just the last few weeks I have seen the benefits. 

    4. In addition to being asked to provide images inspired by my stories, I will also ask that you provide your own unique work that I may use as inspiration. You could be the catalyst for my next great piece. 

    5. And the best reason to join Surviving the Apocalypse? You will get early read-aheads for all my stuff. 

Not sold? Well I have one more answer for you. 

    6. As I grow, you will grow. I can't promise you fortune or fame, but I can promise you 100% commitment. Once I commit to something, I am not easily dissuaded. I'm not giving up. I'm not going home with my tail between my legs. I am going to keep writing and keep trying. Once I set something in my sights,  I drive forward with a vigorous and enthusiastic passion. This passion, this drive, this intensity, is what I am offering you. Climb aboard and see if you can hold on.

So if you or anyone you know is interested in what I have to offer, I have your first challenge:

Send a drawing, sketch, painting . . . whatever floats your boat . . . that is inspired by The Mariner's Prediction to

P.S. I'm not opposed to puppies and kittens. I'm fairly certain fluffy little kittens have the ability to grow into creatures that could easily be responsible for the apocalypse.