Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So I lied

So I lied about going AWOL for the weekend and ended up disappearing for most of the week too. That's what happens when the world is ending.

Seriously, the apocalypse has started. I have proof.

1. There was an earthquake last night. For those of you unfamiliar with Maine, we don't get earthquakes. Occasionally we get a little rumble that no one actually feels or notices, but last night we got enough of one that my Facebook feed went nuts. It was off the charts. People were freaking out and a dozen memes popped up within the hour. Facebook can't be wrong. The apocalypse has started.

2. Maine has made national news for a prostitution bust. Has it been a slow news week? Two wars, a presidential election, a tanking economy, the Middle East is in crisis, there are binders full of women, and Maine makes the news? For prostitution? See I think they are reporting it wrong. I don't think it is Zumba Prostitution, I think it is Zombie Prostitution. That would be national news worthy.

I rest my case. Stock up on ammo and start drawing straws for who gets to be cannibalized first.

Oh and check back tomorrow. I will be posting a new short.